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PamW writes...
  We visited our son and his family to see the new baby and the wagon flower delivery I ordered from you was there. It is beautiful! Thank you for a wonderful arrangement!! They really appreciated it.

Louise writes...
  I ordered "Sprinkled With Love" online (I live in Colorado) and had it sent to my daughter at work (in Rhinelander).

She texted my husband a picture of the bouquet to thank us for it and I was shocked. It was much more beautiful than the example shown on the Forth Floral site. I mean way bigger -- and the flowers they chose included purple flowers that matched the purple in the watering can vase.

Thank you Forth Floral for letting my husband and I brighten my daughter's day with a pre-Mother's Day gift.

dragonfly writes...
  When we moved here 10 years ago a friend from our former location had Forth delivery a mixed basket of green plants; With no particularly knowledgeable care from us the plants are still going strong! It's one testament to the quality of their merchandise . I now order seasonal flowers and wreaths for our church and the service and beautiful handiwork is always outstanding. Ruth and her staff go out of their way to be accommodating and customer-service oriented. Never miss their Holiday open house the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It's spectacular and you will find things you never expected to see in a small northern Wisconsin town!

Mary Rarden writes...
  My aunt, in a Rhinelander nursing facility, just called me to tell me her Mother\'s Day arrangement arrived and how beautiful it is. I called Forth Floral from out-of-state and told the very helpful employee what I needed and my price range, and apparently the result was especially delightful. The employee did not rush me and told me what a good reputation my aunt\'s facility has, as well as the firm\'s long history in Rhinelander. When she said she had worked there for over 30 years, I knew this wasn\'t just any florist. She said they would take extra care with the floral arrangement, and they did. I concur with what the other reviewers said: Forth Floral is absolutely first-class. I\'m VERY glad I found them!

Laura D writes...
  I called Forth Floral (on behalf of several of us) to send a bouquet to Grandma when my father-in-law, her son, passed away recently. The woman who dealt with me on the phone was professional, helpful, and made this as easy and comfortable as it could be, given the topic.

What I know about flowers is less than nothing, so I asked her to advise me what would be most beautiful and appropriate out of what was blooming now, and she did. We went with that choice, she advised on price ranges, I picked a price range, and she did all the rest.

In addition, I was calling from the west coast and it was after 3 pm locally when I called - and they still managed to arrange delivery (to a Rhinelander address) that same day.

Grandma called us and talked to my husband to thank us. Among her other comments was that the bouquet was absolutely gorgeous.

While I would rather have discovered how excellent they are for some happier occasion, I was very grateful to have called Forth Floral to deliver the flowers, given the incredible service and great tact, as well as the resulting bouquet.

Varley hermansen writes...
  I want to thank you for the handling of a problem I had with a recent order. Your response was prompt and handled wonderfully. Couldn\'t ask for better customer service. I will recommend your florist to anyone. I trained employees for 20 yrs in customer service and you did everything right! Thank you again.

MARIUS writes...
  Everything what they do: plant, grow, sell, advice - they do it truly (from the heart). You have to trust them, because they are the most honest people, who run there own business. P.S. I know that, because I have worked there ;) MARIUS (exchange student from Lithuania).

Pam Barlowski writes...
  Very good customer service. The replacement bouguet I received is just beautiful. Thank you so much

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