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(from newspaper article)

Rhinelander, Wisconsin -- Friday, December 2, 1910


Heavy Loss to Peter in Fire Which Burned or Damaged His Green House


A fire in the rear of the hot house of Peter Phillip at 12:50 Thursday morning, burned the boiler house, smothered a horse, and damaged considerably the barn. During the fire, considerable glass was broken in one of the green houses, and the plants in this one were frozen. The fire had grazed considerable headway before discovered and reported. It was first seen down town, the alarm being sent in by the night police. The fire department was on the scene before Mr. Phillip was aroused from sleep. The fire was quickly extinguished after the firemen had arrived.


Every effort was made to save the horse, but he was dead before the firemen could get at him. There was no insurance on the property and the loss is heavy on Mr. Phillip. It is believed the fire started from the boiler.