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Cemetery Planter Service

Forth Floral offers a special service that provides a planter filled with live flowering plants that remain beautiful all summer long at the gravesite of your loved ones. This service is available at Forest Home and Nativity of Our Lord (formerly St. Mary's and St. Joseph's) cemeteries.
With this service we will fill your planter with quality grown plants in the spring and put it at the site of your loved one.
In the fall, we pick up the planter, empty it & store indoors.

The cost for this annual service is $49.00 plus tax per year which includes planting, delivery in the Spring, pick-up in the Fall and cleaning/storing.

The initial cost will be $49.00 plus tax for the wrought iron stand with galvaneal liner plus $49.00 plus tax for the yearly charge of planting the container, delivery, pick-up and storage.

For more information on our cemetery planter service or to begin service please feel free to give us a cal at 715-362-7600, stop by, or email us at: staff.forthfloral@gmail.com

We also offer an additional Winter cemetery service:

In early December we deliver Balsam Wreaths and Swags to the cemeteries.

24" Decorated Wreath
$35.00 plus tax for the wreath, easel & delivery

20" Decorated Swag
$30.00 plus tax for decorated Swag, easel & delivery

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