Let's Talk Flowers and Plants


Symbols of Romance - how to show your love with flowers.

Cyclamen plants for winter color!

Now is the time to plant spring flowering bulbs!

As summer winds down we offer the following tips to get the most from your flower and vegetable gardens.

The summer season is the time of vacations. For those who plan to spend their leisure time at home, bouquets of summer flowers around the house make the days seem special. For those who expect vacationing visitors, fresh flowers in the foyer and guest room extend a joyous welcome.

Caring for your Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets have become a popular choice for Mother's Day. Hanging baskets make a nice gift for many reasons. Almost everyone has room for at least one, and there is a wide variety of plants available to suit all climates, locations and season. The baskets can be moved to a different location to brighten a drab area outdoors, and some can be brought inside when the weather gets colder.

Sunny Daffodils and Cheery Tulips

So you have spring fever and it isn't even spring. What can you do to bring this fever down? Come to the greenhouse and pick up a bunch of bright tulips and sunny daffodils. Because they are spring flowers they are in peak supply from January through April.. They bring sunshine to even the coldest, dreariest days.

Valentine Roses

Flowers express those three magic words, "I love you," most quickly, eloquently, and ardently. Flowers kindle sentimentality in any feminine heart, from Sweethert or Wife, to Mother, to that special daughter whose love you cherish. Flowers say "you are dear to me" on any day, but they are especially meaningful on Valentine's Day.


Winter is here, and the only living plants that we will be able to enjoy for the next few months are those that we are able to grow indoors. Growing an amaryllis during the depth of the winter can be not only a real lift to the spirit, an amaryllis makes a great holiday gift!

The Christmas Tree

Christmas is not the only holiday where plants are used as powerful symbols, but the number and variety of plant symbols is probably greater than for any other holiday. From the holly and the ivy to the Christmas tree and mistletoe, the properly decorated holiday home is converted into a little piece of the outdoors.

Glorious Summer Gardening

Glorious summer weather, the kind we wish we could put into a box and save for a cold January day, is great weather for our gardens. Here are a few gardening tips to keep our gardens growing in late August.